A brief history of Google

Google’s story began in 1996 thanks to the work of two Stanford college students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The search engine was initially named BackRub, a name that suggests that the search engine ranked web pages based on links to the page (Backlink).

The two college students decided in 1997 to rename the search engine, which was named Google. The name Google is a pun on the googol mathematical term (one for 1 and then 100 for 0 in math). The name indicated that their purpose was to organize the wealth of information on the Internet.

Google Inc. was formed on September 4, 1998, after they failed to sell BackRub (Yahoo, among others, refused to buy it). Sun’s co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim issued them a $ 100,000 check to Google Inc. in his founding. The company was only then established.

Their first office grows in 1999, and the company now moves to Palo Alto with 8 employees.

On April 1, 2000, the company announces the MentalPlex, which is able to read the imaginary hit list from people’s brains. From now on, the company will start announcing a similar foolish news every April 1st.

In June 2000, Google entered into a partnership agreement with Yahoo to make Google their default search provider. At the same time, Google is reaching one billion indexed urls, making it the largest search provider.

Google Adwords

In 2000, the online advertising system at Google was renamed Adwords. The system was initially useful for advertisers because of paid ads appearing alongside search results, but now Adwords has hundreds of thousands of display partners. This allows you to advertise on hundreds of thousands of sites worldwide through a single, transparent system, while keeping your ads running on Google searches effective.

Google Maps

In 2004, the company acquired a digital mapping company called Keyhole, and in 2005, Google Maps and Google Earth were launched. Today, live traffic information, transit directions, and street-level imagery are available on Google Maps, and Google Earth allows users to explore the depths of the ocean or the moon. And with smartphones, you can use Goolge Maps for professional navigation, for free.


In June 2011, the company launched its social network, dubbed Google+.