March 21, 2013

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most effective marketing tools that offers countless opportunities for both instant customer acquisition and brand building. Its efficient operation requires precise, well-designed settings and continuous optimization. Our company has nearly 14 years of experience, Google certification, and international experience managing Google Ads. The advantage of our profit-oriented Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns is that we bring the maximum profit from our clients’ Google Ads (Adwords) campaigns.

What opportunities does Google Ads (Adwords) provide?

Keyword-targeted ads on Google search results

If you want to reach customers quickly and at a minimal cost with an online campaign, the best way to do that is to set up Google Ads campaigns on your Google search results list for keywords that are most likely to be our customers. (For example, if you sell Samsung refrigerators and someone is looking for a Samsung refrigerator on the Internet, it’s important to see our ad at the top of the list.)

Due to the fact that Google Ads (Adwords) ads appear at the top of the list of results, in the case of ideal settings, so if we advertise there, we have a good chance that the person looking for the product or service will choose us.

Google Shopping Ads

The big advantage is that products from webshops that use the Google Shopping campaign appear in the Google results list with price, image, and the name of the distributor, along with the most important information. So there is a good chance that only those who are seriously interested in our offer will click on your ad.

Remarketing Google Ads campaigns

The essence of remarketing campaigns is to show ads to people who have visited our website at least once recently. This type of campaign has a key role to play when it comes to building a committed, returning clientele.

Display Google Ads placement on high-traffic sites

Brand building is a marketing activity that pays off in the long run, but promises significant benefits. If we can make our company’s brand exceed from the crowd, we can gain a significant advantage over the competition. The Google Ads Display Network allows you to appear on high-traffic sites such as,, and the like. However, as long as you want to run high-paying ads on these pages directly, you’ll also have the opportunity to appear on high-traffic, popular sites for a lower cost per click through Google Ads.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are also available through the Google Ads system, which will appear before standard YouTube videos with the right settings for those who may be our potential customers. If your campaign is set up well, you won’t be charged for each impression; it will only cost you if an Internet user has watched our promotional video for a longer period of time.

Mobile app ads in Google Ads

If your company has a mobile application, you may want to take advantage of this option as well, as you can set your application to appear on mobile applications that are used by potential users. In this way, we can run a new application relatively quickly and cost-effectively.

Key features of our Google Ads campaign management:

  • Precise targeting settings
  • Continuous, even daily refinements
  • Continuous monitoring of market changes
  • Effective ad text
  • Analyze and monitor your online competition campaigns
  • Keep searching for new, useful keywords
  • Get the most out of Google Ads’ new features and benefits as quickly as possible

Upon request, our experts will evaluate your Google Ads campaigns for free and show you how much you earn by optimizing your ads.

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