May 13, 2021

Webshop marketing

Google Shopping is a major webshop marketing innovation from Google, giving advertisers the opportunity to display their products with images, prices, and other relevant information in Google’s search results in a way that precedes Google Ads Search. ads as well.

Macbook Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping focuses on visuals, so potential shoppers not only have to infer a product from some description, but can also visually see what it’s all about. And the view is paired with the most important information, so chances are only those who are really interested in clicking on a particular ad will actually click on it. As a result, Google’s webshop marketing campaigns are more effective, as confirmed by estimates based on international statistics.

Google determines the order of your ads based on several aspects, in addition to the best prices, quality setting and accurate product data filling can be very important. Because of the success of shopping ads, it is also conceivable that such ads will account for three-quarters of the webshop marketing traffic from keyword searches in the future. And since its introduction in Hungary, Google Shopping has been revamped with an even more spectacular design and expanded with more useful features than price tracking. This feature allows you to track the decline in the price of a particular product, which Google will notify you in the event that you wish to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, the Shopping feature is not limited to Google search pages, but also appears in the image search and YouTube interface. In Display campaigns, the image catalog appears instead of the banner ad.


Smart Shopping

And the Smart Shopping campaign makes optimal use of the positives of regular Shopping campaigns and visual remarketing campaigns. It simplifies campaign management, expands reach, and last but not least, maximizes conversion value. The ads in smart shopping campaigns are key elements of webshop marketing that can appear on the search network, the Display Network, the Youtube platform, and Gmail.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is also an important part of webshop marketing, which can help a web store get to the top of Google’s search results for relevant keywords. Lasting excellent placements can generate large amounts of organic traffic. An important part of the SEO process is the optimization of the technical settings of a given webshop, keyword research to find relevant keywords, analysis of competitors ’keywords, and quality link building.

Facebook product catalog

Google Shopping, on the other hand, isn’t the only gold-worthy innovation in webshop marketing, as product catalogs used on the Facebook platform can also become a miracle weapon. Facebook appearance can play a very important role in the success of an online store, and with the help of a product catalog, the products of a given online store can appear in the form of a collection that also contains valuable information.

There are several ways to upload a specific product catalog: manually uploading the products one by one, in large quantities from a CSV file, for example, connecting and constantly updating from the webshop’s own system, and using a Facebook Pixel.

D. Franklin márka Facebook Bolt hirdetés

Furthermore, the product catalog created in this way can be used in several places within Facebook. The Facebook Store is one of the most important elements of this, which makes it easy to display products from catalogs and can also be used creatively for posts, making it very easy for customers to place their order. At the same time, the use of the Instagram Store is recommended for the success of webshop marketing. You can use it to promote your products in posts, stories, or even with the “product” option that Business Instagram profiles can take advantage of.

Facebook ads that are based on the product catalog are able to dynamically display products, taking into account which products a visitor came across within the webshop they visited. And with the creative of dynamic advertising, Facebook optimally shows the elements of a product catalog to users, taking into account many aspects that can be used to personalize the display of products to visitors.

Dynamic remarketing within Facebook is very effective in attracting back visitors who have left without a purchase or have left the cart for some reason. With this feature, it’s not necessary for each product to create a separate ad, as Facebook solves this for us and also personalizes them for each visitor.

In addition, we can post product display posts with tiny white dots, and even more so, there are opportunities for webshop marketing within Facebook, and this is expected to expand even more in the future.

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