Google Adwords

Since its launch in 1996, Google has become the most popular search engine today. 90% of users searching the internet use it to find companies, products, information. Google’s Adwords service was launched in 2002, which soon reformed marketing. Increasingly, businesses and search users have started using Google Adwords, and today there is no Internet user who has not been in direct contact with Google’s ads in some way. Google Adwords ads can be divided into 2 main categories:

Ads that appear on Google search

Ads on Google Display Networks

Ads in both groups provide an effective marketing tool for acquiring customers for both small and large businesses.

Ads that appear on Google search

The best-known and most used ad in the world is Adwords, which appears on Google’s search results listings. The bottom line is that when someone searches Google for a business, service, or product, they come across relevant ads in addition to the results list. The big advantage is that we can advertise in a targeted way to those who need our service.

Google Adwords ads are located at the top of the results list (marked with a different background color) and to the right. With Google AdWords, you have the option to pay for your ad on a click-through basis (CPC), but you also have the option to set how much a conversion (CPA) is worth to us, a customer who makes a purchase on our site.

Google Adwords Display Ads

Google introduced Display Ads a few years ago, allowing Google’s advertising partners to appear on their websites. Hundreds of thousands of websites can now be advertised through the AdWords system.

With the Google AdWords Display System, we have the option to pay for the ad based on the number of clicks (CPCs) or impressions (CPMs), but we also have the option to set how much a conversion (CPA) is worth to us, a customer who makes a purchase. on our site.

Our services

Adwords campaign management

Google Adwords ads are a powerful marketing tool for businesses large and small. Value for money is one of the best internet marketing channels right now. We’re committed to managing your Google Adwords campaigns at a fair price.