November 27, 2019

YouTube Ads

YouTube hirdetésWe can reach potential customers through YouTube advertising while they watch videos and listen to music on YouTube. A well-designed and set up YouTube ad can be a very effective marketing tool in building your brand, while even bringing immediate customers to us. You only pay to see a YouTube ad if someone watches your promotional video for an extended period of time, so users who skip the ad after the first 5 seconds will not be charged.

YouTube advertising offers many options, so you can set it for each busineses with the optimal targeting that best serves our marketing goals. By evaluating your campaign statistics, we can further refine your settings to make your ad even more cost-effective.

Why is it worth trusting us to handle YouTube advertising?

  • We have many years of experience in YouTube advertising
  • We keep up to date with developments in Google Ads and YouTube ads so that we can apply new features to our clients’ ads as soon as possible
  • When we run a YouTube ad, we always try to get the most out of our campaign
  • With our professional conversion tracking settings, you can get not only a partial but complete picture of how much your ad has contributed to conversions
  • Our agency was one of the first in Hungary to become a Google Partner, so we are one of the most experienced Google Ads management companies
  • As an Authorized Google Partner, our employees are required to prove their proficiency in Google through regular exams