March 21, 2015


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best marketing tools at this time. The key to effective search engine optimization is to create a website that attains to both our customers and search engines.

KeresőoptimalizálásOur website should be about what we’re dealing with, highlighting key areas of activity, contained with creative ideas that will make our website more special, upscale than the competition. In order to have a good chance of getting started on the Google search results list, it’s important that your website complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines and is designed in a Google-friendly way (on-site SEO). The better we manage to optimize the structure and content of a website, the easier it will be for us to get a good ranking for the keywords that are important to us.

Once the website’s internal search engine optimization is complete, further improvement in placement can be achieved by increasing the number of links to the page (off-site SEO) until we reach the top of the Google search results list.

Of course, search engine optimization is more complex than that, that’s just the point. Search engine optimization requires a great deal of expertise, experience and up-to-dateness. If we have been effective in the field of search engine optimization, our website will appear at the top of the list of results, thus bringing us customers and orders.

What does search engine optimization mean for our company?

  • As a start to search engine optimization, we use keyword research to map out search terms that can generate revenue for our client. As part of this, we can provide statistics to help you predict the benefits of ranking first in Google’s search results for specific keywords.
  • The second phase of search engine optimization is when we inspect your website to a detailed SEO scan to identify any bugs that can be fixed to make your website Google-friendly.
  • As part of this search engine optimization, we check that your website has a Search Console account and that your Analytics account is set up properly.
  • Once your website is completely Google-friendly and we’ve done everything technical SEO requires, the next step may be to increase the number of links to your page to comply with Google’s policies. This is the longest phase of search engine optimization, but it will take 1-2 months to get better results until we reach the top positions for each of your keywords.
  • SEOWhen ordering search engine optimization, we not only review the customer’s website, but also show what the successful competitor in that field did better.

Due to the fact that each website starts from a different level and the competition is different between the different market segments, we provide unique, company-specific prices when calculating the search engine optimization fee and bidding, which also includes a forecast of how long it will take in the given area. , what results can be achieved. Our professional experience gained by the success of many projects over the past 14 years contributes greatly to our success.

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