November 27, 2019

Google Shopping

The point of Google Shopping is that products can appear in Google’s results list with images, prices, webshop names, and other important information. Thanks to Google Shopping, we can place a spectacular ad that is impossible for those who are searching for the product we sell on Google to go unnoticed.

Also, since all the relevant information can be found in the ad (price, image, name of the distributor, etc.), only those who are really interested will click on the ad. As a Google Shopping Management Agency, we’ve found that the Google Ads accounts in which we successfully launched the Google Shopping Campaign have resulted in many more customers from the same budget than before Google Shopping.

Why is it worth entrusting us with managing a Google Shopping campaign?

    • We have more than 14 years of experience with Google Ads
    • We keep up to date with developments in Google Ads, Shopping Ads, so we can apply new features to our customers’ ads as soon as possible
    • When we managing Google Shopping ads, we use professional settings to get the most out of your campaign
    • With our advanced conversion tracking settings, you can get not only a partial but complete picture of how much your ad has contributed to your purchases
    • Our company was one of the first in Hungary to obtain Google Partner status, so we are one of the most experienced Google Ads management companies
    • As an Authorized Google Partner, our employees are required to prove their proficiency in Google through regular exam