PR article and search engine optimization

The primary goal of a PR (Public Relations) article is usually to build a brand, but a PR article published online can have a serious positive impact on search engine optimization. A PR article that appears on a strong portal, with a well-placed link to our website, can do a lot to improve your website’s Google ranking.

In terms of search engine optimization, a PR article will best achieve its purpose if we can place it on a website that is highly trusted by Google and relevant to our business. However, when writing a PR article, it is important to consider search engine optimization as well as brand building goals. From a SEO point of view, a PR article is good if it is well-written and contains the right amount of keywords to which we want to add our website. However, care should be taken to ensure that there are neither too many nor too few keywords in the text, so a good middle ground is best. As a general rule, in addition to relevancy, we should strive to display our PR articles on the strongest possible web pages (with high Google trust, lots, and strong links).

Our office works with a number of high-traffic, high-Google sites where we can display PR articles to our clients. Some of our key partners:,,,,