7 Expensive Google Adwords Error

During our Adwords management period in recent years, a large number of Adwords advertisers have asked us to review their campaign and make suggestions or advice on how to improve their performance. Below are some of the most common and most expensive mistakes.

Bad keyword setting

The most common mistake is when keyword types, keywords, and negative keywords are misaligned, and as a result, your ad will show for words you weren’t sure to bring in, but only increase your cost. Even if our settings are good, it’s a good idea to check back regularly for the words your clicks are coming to our site.

Keyword and display campaign in one 

In the AdWords system, you can appear on the Google search results list for keywords that are important to us, but there are also plenty of websites that display Google ads. The latter is called display ads. The two ad slots can be used with different settings and for different purposes, yet many advertisers run the two in one campaign with default settings. We’ve looked at the effectiveness of many new client campaigns over the years, and where that was the mistake, without exception, a lot of money went unnecessarily.

They do not measure effectiveness

The great advantage of online campaigns is that you can measure your effectiveness very accurately (with conversion tracking, landing page, etc.). If a campaign is profitable, you may want to spend it. And if we see that a campaign is making a loss, we’ll either fix it or eliminate it. However, many do not measure effectiveness, so they are lucky enough to see if their ad is profitable or not.

Area narrowing is not used 

With Google Adwords, we can set up location targeting, which is extremely useful if someone doesn’t offer a product or service across the country, but only in a specific region. eg: Why would we advertise in Csongrád county if we can only count on customers in Budapest.

Mobile bid adjustment is not used

More and more people are browsing the internet from mobile, but unfortunately a significant portion of websites are still unusable on mobile devices. If you don’t have a responsive website, you may want to set up a mobile bid adjustment so that our AdWords framework doesn’t click on clicks from mobile users.

No maximum cpc limit is specified 

In AdWords, the order of your ads depends on the quality of your settings and the amount of your bid. If your campaign is set optimally and you haven’t set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit, your cost-per-click will increase until we’re ahead of everyone. But what happens if none of our competitors set a limit? You can border the starry sky. This error can usually result in keywords and ads costing more than 1 click on an ad for a customer.

They do not deal with the quality score

A minőségi mutató segítségével láthatjuk, hogy mennyire állítottuk be jól az Adwords kampányunkat. Ha nagyon alacsony a minőségi mutatónk, akkor még az is előfordulhat, hogy meg se jelenik a hirdetésünk. Ha azonban megjelenik alacsony mutatóval, akkor biztosak lehetünk benne, hogy sokkal többet kell fizetnünk egy kattintásért, mint a konkurenciának.