Google Penguin – what is it?

The year 2012 fundamentally stirred the world of search engine optimization. The update, introduced by Google as the Penguin update, was intended to penalize “link fraud”. Before April 24, 2012, it was relatively easy and inexpensive to advance a website to Google’s search results.

In addition to the on-site search engine optimization settings of the page, it was enough to insert the link of the website in a sufficient number of link directories, forums, blog posts and similar spam-like posts, preferably with the same keyword everywhere and in a short time. However, the Google Penguin put an end to this, as it handed out severe penalties to websites for poor quality, easy-to-obtain links. As a result of the Google Penguin, a lot of search engine optimization professionals have changed careers, and the companies that survived have been focusing on quality link building ever since.

The Google Penguin penalty can be remedied primarily by removing low-quality links and obtaining quality links. The Google Penguin is not updated frequently, in many cases half a year, a year between two inspections. Thus, someone may temporarily succeed in building a link to be punished by the Penguin, but after the check is over, the punishment will still be achieved.

None of the websites optimized by the Marketing Calculator were affected by the Google Penguin penalty, as we have strived from the beginning to create a quality link structure for our clients’ websites.