Remarketing, ie how to sell to our interested parties (again)?

From the masses of internet users, it is difficult to select and target those who may be potential customers. On the other hand, those who have already visited our website have a good chance that they may be interested in our service or the product we offer, so they can be made a good proportion of buyers and customers with proper marketing. That’s what remarketing is all about.

How Google AdWords remarketing works

To use the service, we first need a Google AdWords account, and then we need to generate a remarketing code to be placed in the source code of our website. From now on, the browser of visitors to the website will receive a markup (cookie) that will allow us to display targeted ads to them each time they are taken to a Goggle ad serving page. The settings also allow us to show ads on different topics to people who visit different categories of our website.

Google AdWords remarketing is unique in that a well-functioning remarketing program, combined with an extensive display network and the right settings, can be a very effective tool to help our website visitors continue to become customers.