What is conversion tracking?

Internet marketing can provide us with opportunities to measure effectiveness that do not exist in the world of offline advertising. In most cases, a landing page is used to measure the direct customer acquisition power of an online advertising space, but advertising with AdWords can provide accurate data without conversion.

Conversion tracking basically tracks whether visitors who click on our ad take the action we want on our site. Such monitored activity can be filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter, placing an order, or even clicking the call button on mobile browsers.

Conversion tracking, available through the AdWords system, gives you specific statistics on the percentage of Internet users who clicked on your ad, how many clicks, and how much money it took to convert, so you can see if that ad made a profit for you. it may have been in deficit.

With the right use of this tool, coupled with the right expertise, we can ensure that our campaigns always run profitably, so that the money spent on advertising is truly an investment, not a cost.